Aluminum bars

Aluminum bars of various shapes and diameters. Round, flat, square and hexagonal aluminum bars made by drawing, pressing or casting.

Aluminum bars are a versatile material that is used in the construction, automotive, electrical or engineering industries.

Choose from our range of sizes and alloys of groups 2xxx, 6xxx, 7xxxx and we will be happy to prepare a price offer for you.

Hliníkové plechy

Aluminum round bars

Hliníkové profily

Aluminum square bars

Hliníkové tyče

Aluminum hexagonal bars

Hliníkové zvitky

Aluminum flat bars


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Hliníkové plechy

Aluminum sheets

Hliníkové profily

Aluminum profiles

Hliníkové zvitky

Aluminum coils

Lakované hliníkové zvitky

Lacquered aluminum coils

Flexible warehouse

We can deliver the purchased aluminum material to you or prepare it for pickup at our location. If you don’t have warehouse space or it’s insufficient, we can arrange to store the aluminum with us by agreement. You can then gradually retrieve as much material as you currently need.